Here are some samples of our videos. If you need a 3d animation
feel free to contact us for a price quote that fit your budget.

Recent Videos:
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Carmen Sol School Presentation

Recharge Your Brand

* Robot in Classroom

The Alphabet Song - By Mia

Cleaning Robot Test

Conqueror Designs Demo (2010)

Intro / Opening Cinéfilo

Dr. FrankenSnack Test

3D CDRCD (2070) Animation

CDRCD (2070) Commercial

* Some videos were recorded with a phone camera without a tripod intentionally
to make it look as a real life event.

* 8th Grade Students Create a Robot

* E.T. @ Joyudas Test

Intro / Opening Med TV

Dr. FrankenSnack - Doritos 1st Prize Winner

Life of the Party - Crash the Super Bowl
Walmart Icon Test

Intro / Opening Desde Mi Despacho

Revista Nocturno Website Presentation

Intro / Opening ¿Que Qué!

* UFO Attack @ Joyudas
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